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Alexandria Professionals in SLC

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Hazel is a Master Esthetician and a certified Alexandria Professional (Sugaring Hair Removal) in Salt Lake City / Sandy, UT. Hazel's Alexandria certifications include: Qualified Body Sugaring Practitioner, Advanced Body Sugaring Certification, and The Perfect Bikini.

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  • Qualified body sugaring practitioner
  • Advanced body sugaring certification
  • The perfect bikini
  • Refresher Class
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Have You Been Sugared Yet?

Advanced Body Sugaring Epilation offers numerous unique and diverse benefits. The most important advantage is very fundamental: the Alexandria technique and sugar paste formulation extracts the hair in its natural direction of growth while the hair is still in the early growth stage (Anagen stage). This eliminates hair breakage, unnecessary discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs while exfoliating dry skin cells.

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Sugar Waxing Prices

Bikini Area


Brazilian Sugaring
Our most popular service!

Removes all hair from front to back. A small strip or triangle can be left.

We have spent over 5 years perfecting the best Brazilian you will ever receive. Because we are all about skincare, our Brazilian and Bikini services focus heavily on the quality of our services versus how quickly we can finish. We block more time for each appointment in order to remove the most hair possible while also ensuring your comfort during each appointment. Our technicians also plan extra time to care for the overall health of your skin by including a complimentary Hungarian mud mask with each Brazilian. This mask calms, cools, and soothes your skin directly after the hair removal is complete. We will also take the time to extract any ingrown hairs (if present) and to educate each client on a home-care regimen specifically designed for their unique skin!


Deep Bikini Sugaring

Will clean up all hair outside panty line and form a deep and defined triangle. Perfect for those who want more hair removed than a regular bikini, but not a full brazillian.


Bikini Sugaring

Removes the hair outside the panty line. A regular bikini wax is ideal for simple clean-up.


Bum Cheek Sugaring

Removes the hair on the outer cheeks. Inner cheeks and anus area included in all Brazilians. When you get a full Brazillian, we clean up the hair around your bum-hole area, but if you would like to go further and tidy up some peach fuzz areas outside your anus or on your outer cheeks, we can help spiffy that up for you!




Full Face Sugaring

Removes the hair from all areas of face and under the jawline (including nose and brows).


Brows Sugaring

Removes hair from above, below and in-between the brows--includes shaping.


Between Eyebrows Sugaring

If you don't want to sugar your brows, but you do want to remove the hair between the eyebrows.


Brows & Lip Sugaring

See brows and lip descriptions.


Lip Sugaring

Removes the hair from the upper lip area only (chin treatments cover the lower lip area).


Lip & Chin Sugaring

See lip & chin descriptions.


Ear Sugaring

Removal of hair on the outside (visible) area of your ear.


Brow Tint

Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows.


Brow Sugar & Tint




Inner Thigh

This includes removal of any dark hairs INSIDE the thighs that exceed bikini area up to the knee.


Underarm Sugaring

Removal of all underarm hair. Will remove ingrown hairs (if present).


Full Arm Sugaring**

Removes the hair from the top of the shoulder down to the wrist.


Half Arm Sugaring **

Removes the hair from the elbow down to the wrist.


Full Back Sugaring**

Removal of hair on entire back (including tops of the shoulders).


Upper Back Sugaring**

Removal of hair from mid back to tops of the shoulders.


Lower Back Sugaring**

Removal of hair on lower back, from mid back -- stopping at the pant line.


Shoulder Sugaring

Removal of hair on top of shoulders.


Chest Sugaring **

Removal of hair from your neck line to your abdomen


Stomach Sugaring **

Removal of hair from your abdomen to your pant line.


Chest & Stomach Sugaring **

Removal of hair from your neck line to your pant line.


Top of Toes & Feet Sugaring

Removes the hair from the top of the toes and feet area


Test Patch Sugaring


How Long Does Hair Need to be for Sugaring?

Sugaring can extract very short hairs. Typically, hot waxing requires you to have longer hair. With sugaring wax, your hair needs to be about 1/6 of an inch long. What that equates to is about 2 weeks of growth after your last shave. The first time is always the hardest, but sugaring can stunt the hair growth and it can thin your hair out. The second sugaring hair treatment will be half the time and half the hair. We apply the sugar paste and pull with the hair follicle instead of against it. This greatly reduces irritation and ensures the whole hair is extracted to provide you with a longer time in between waxing appointments. If you keep up with your appointments, about every 4-5 weeks, your hair will remain thin, soft and easy to remove. Avoid spray tans or self-tanning until after your waxing appointment. When you are ready to book a sugar waxing appointment in the Salt Lake City area, book online or call our Sandy, UT location!

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Watch Sugaring In Action

See how sugaring is done, and discover why people are making the switch from waxing to sugaring hair removal.

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